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  • Ideated and designed for an AMLAW 200 southeast regional firm a leadership program to support its high achieving and high potential attorneys of color, attorneys with disabilities, and LGBTQ+ attorneys achieve their career goals and a lateral hiring policy designed to ensure appropriately diverse laterally attorney hiring slates.

  • Assisting a large northeast regional firm with development and implementation of a strategic diversity and inclusion plan after performing an extensive assessment involving 20+ interviews of partners, associates, staff, and former employees; and providing general diversity and inclusion advice along the way.

  • Working with a large midwestern regional firm's 14 partner task force on designing an improved firmwide mentorship program involving more effective groupings, a participant questionnaire, and robust mentor and mentee training; and serving as a resource for support, review, and comment on various diversity and inclusion related efforts.

  • Presented to a national boutique firm's professional development and human resources functions on strategies for improving the attorney review process with a focus on minimization of the impact of bias.

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