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Saeed Consulting Group offers a variety of services designed to enhance employee experience and improve the overall effectiveness and profitability of your business. Recognizing each client has unique needs, most engagements are tailored for maximum productivity. Below are just a few examples of services we provide, but contact us so we can discuss a bespoke engagement for your organization.

Diversity & Inclusion Leadership

Sometimes you have the need, but just don't have the resources. Saeed Consulting Group can serve as your organization's "head of diversity and inclusion" while at the same time significantly limiting resource expenditure and risk. Bringing more than two decades of diversity and inclusion leadership experience to the table, the learning curve is short and the solutions are plentiful.

Buildings from Below

Whether designing a mentoring program, a leadership/sponsorship program, a lateral hiring policy, a talent management program, a strategic diversity and inclusion plan, or anything in between, Saeed Consulting Group brings years of experience in not only ideating and designing effective programs and procedures, but also in bringing these programs to fruition through careful design and management of your organization's buy-in process.

Office Conversation
Advice & Counsel

Advancing a diversity and inclusion initiative is hard. There is no silver bullet solution and there are so many layers to manage. Saeed Consulting Group serves as a trusted advisor to its clients on large and complex challenges, but also for simple questions and quick advice. Whether a short discussion about a particular challenge, a review of an email or other form of correspondence, or weighing in on how best to handle a situation, Saeed Consulting Group can help!

Image by Dawid Małecki

An organization cannot embark on a journey to where it wants to go until it first understands where it currently is. Saeed Consulting Group conducts confidential assessments through one on one interviews with current and past employees and clients along with various forms of market research. Although a useful exercise on its own, assessments are most valuable when conducted in support of strategic diversity and inclusion plan development.

Image by Clark Tibbs
Training and Coaching

Helping develop an understanding of the issues, the lingo, and the challenges we all face in the workplace is a critical component of advancing a diversity and inclusion initiative. From getting in tune with biases to understanding terminology to professional coaching, Saeed Consulting Group is well equipped to support your educational and informational efforts.

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